"I don't think I was meant to be a star when I was young, I think I'm meant to share the wisdom of having grown." -- Karen Karsh


Karen spoke and performed for the Brain Injury Employement Conference. You can see part of that performance here.



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She has sung professionally since age 15. As an adult, she has become a thinking person's singer-songwriter. "I write from my soul," explains Karen.

She has performed with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and recorded for ABC Dunhill Records. In 1992 she was awarded Gannett Broadcasting's, "Innovation of the Year" for her television feature, "Unsung Heroes."

Her songs have a positive message and she says she likes her audiences to leave her performances feeling, "like we all have a place in the world and that if we let love lead the way, we'll make it a better place to live."

Karen is interviewed on KEZW Radio

Karen talks about old times and new ambitions as well as putting her career on hold to raise a son. Click to listen!

Reviews for Karen Karsh:

“Karen Karsh’s voice is spellbinding.. strong, clear, precise and expressive... Her infectious spirit on stage spreads a blanket of warmth through the audience.”
-Boulder Daily Camera
“If one person can truly make a difference in people’s lives, Karen Karsh is the one.”
-Denver Post
“Karen is a dynamic individual who truly understands the beauty in diversity ... Her impact on young people is positively powerful”
- Barbara Chomko
- Principal, Boulder Valley Public Schools